Why should we use you?
Results! Our success rate overall is over 91%. And we are passionate about animals and we are committed to offering you the best possible clinical outcomes delivered with first-rate customer service.

Where are you?
We are located 45 minutes east of Nashville, Tennessee.

Must I follow your protocols?
Yes, for the best results for you and to preserve our success rate, we require compliance.

Do your storage tanks rely on electricity?
No. Our storage tanks are completely self-contained, utilizing liquid nitrogen only.

Do you ship internationally?
We work with people all over the world, allowing our clients access to the widest options possible for breeding.

Do you offer chilled semen shipping kits?
We keep kits in stock for use here or to ship to other clinics for collection.

What anesthesia do you use?
Your pet's safety is of paramount importance. We use a wide variety of anesthetic protocols specifically tailored for your breed and your pet.

When should I contact you about a breeding?
As soon as you have decided on a breeding, let us know and we can assist you on how to proceed next. We can evaluate what you need to do and give you a game plan. The earlier the better. There are some breeds that may need test run prior to coming into heat and breeding.

My girl is in heat now what do I do?
Contact us ASAP. We like to start progesterone testing on girls between days 3-5 for a base line.

When should I collect my boy?
Best time to collect your boy is when he in his prime. With most breeds that ranges from 2 to 5 years of age, but we can collect at any time. We will evaluate the collection before freezing and give you an estimate on how many breedings you will get from this collection. Then, we’ll see if you want to freeze from there.

You freeze in straws. Some use pellets. Which is better?
Actually one method is not any better than the other. The biggest difference is who is freezing it. We store in straws because of a couple of reasons. Unlike pellets, there is no way to mistakenly identify a straw. Pellets containers are marked, but can be poured out and mixed. Straws cannot be poured out and mixed with any other semen and re-frozen. If shipping internationally, the straw can be sealed so that contamination of the semen does not occur. Straws are easier to handle for less experienced receivers of the semen. When we collect, there may not be a plan yet for the semen. We try to make it as easy as possible to utilize the semen so that anyone who uses it can be as successful as possible.

How long does frozen semen keep in storage?
No one really knows. We've successfully impregnated a dog from semen frozen in 1984. (Resulting in four puppies!) It is thought that semen will be good for an indefinite period of time as long as it is kept at a constant temperature in liquid nitrogen.

I have tried getting my girl pregnant in the past with no success. What can I do?
The first step is to set up a reproduction consult before she even comes into heat. At that time, we will discuss your pet's history, run some tests and do an evaluation. Some medications might need to be changed or augmented. We can discuss your reproduction options and then monitor the pregnancy.

How do I ship semen?
For domestic shipping needs, you need to contact us as soon as possible. You will have to sign a release, provide the name and address of the receiving veterinarian, as well as the bitch owner and name of bitch. We can quote the cost on an individual basis, which will include the cost of FedEx. Payment is required before shipping takes place.

For international shipping needs, call us to discuss your needs. Each country is different.

What will I need to bring to my appointment?

You will need to bring the following:
a. You are required to bring your AKC or other registration papers verifying that you are a current owner of the stud. (for unregistered dogs, this does not apply)
b. You will need a copy of your DNA Profile, or we can collect the DNA sample and send it in for an additional cost.
c. Please print out a copy of the PAWS Tennessee New Client/Patient Application from this website. You can read this and fill it out prior to your appointment, in order to save time. Semen will not be collected without a signed contract.
d. You will need proof of a current Brucellosis test.

e. An up-to-date rabies vaccine and certificate – we accept a 3-year vaccine with a current certificate.

f. Permanent identification – microchip or tattoo.

What is Brucellosis and how do I test for it?
Brucellosis is a serious bacterial disease for which there is no cure and humans can contract from dogs. Because of its affects, proof of a current Brucellosis is REQUIRED. A simple, in-office blood test can be run in about 30 minutes to assure your dogs are safe to breed.

Can I let someone else collect my stud and let them own the semen?
Yes, and we can walk you through it. It requires paperwork and signatures from you.

My vet uses an "in house" progesterone test, is this ok?
The testing done at our facility or a trusted lab of ours is very accurate. We use the same machines day in and day out. The results are numerical giving us a precise progesterone level. The result is a better outcome, more puppies with an accurate due date.

We have semen frozen someplace else, can I transfer it all over to your facility?
Yes. We would be more than happy to assist you getting your semen to us.

Information on surgical implants:
a. Who? Any bitch or stud dog with a history of infertility. Or when you only have one shot at the male, or it’s frozen semen. Or when you absolutely want the best possible chance of conceiving a litter.
b. What? This is an invasive technique using surgery to visually and digitally evaluate the uterus, remove adhesions, treat cysts of the uterine lining and deliver semen directly into the uterus closest to the matured eggs.
c. Why? Surgical implantation of the semen is valuable when you have compromised semen (frozen, fresh chilled, poor quality semen, low sperm counts) or with bitches who have not gotten pregnant through conventional breeding techniques.
d. How? Semen is either shipped to us (frozen or fresh chilled) or collected here. The bitch is put under general anesthesia. We have many anesthetic protocols that can be chosen from and modified to your girl. A small, less than 2 inch, incision is made through her abdominal wall. The uterus is evaluated visually and by feel. Then the semen is injected into the uterus right below the fallopian tubes. Your girl will generally be ready to go home within 2 to 3 hours of your arrival.
e. When? Fresh and frozen inseminations are done 48 to 72 hours after ovulation (based on the numeric progesterone blood tests). Regardless of weekends and holidays, surgical inseminations go on. Pre-surgical lab work (CBC and Chem panel) and ECG's are recommended prior to breeding. Progesterone levels performed by our labs are required for your girl to qualify.

What is involved in pregnancy monitoring?

Day 25 after ovulation – we recommend an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy followed by a CBC and numeric progesterone level for maintaining the pregnancy and to establish a baseline. Depending on results we may need to do a weekly follow-up to insure a healthy and successful pregnancy.

Day 55 after ovulation – an Xray is recommend, to make sure no complications arise during natural whelp and with an idea of how many puppies to expect.

Do you offer consultations?
Yes, consultations for up to one hour are available in our clinic or on the phone at a cost of $65.

What if I have more questions?
We will be glad to discuss reproductive options with you. We work with owners via personal consultations, phone, email, and FAX.

What are the costs of freezing semen?
Collection, evaluation report, freezing, brucellosis and the first year of storage is $395. Unlike some companies who price everything a la cart, ours is a flat fee for all your boy produces per collection. This also includes filling out kennel club forms, and a blood pull and storage.

Do you bill?
No, payment is due at time of service. We do accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Am Ex, CareCredit, Paypal, and money orders. Additionally, we work with wire and bank transfers for international clients.

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